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After the demise of Tower Records, there really wasn't anywhere in Sacramento to get good music let alone good vinyl. There were (are) a couple of places around town but none of them carry the "good shit", if ya catch my drift. Anyways, if you live here or have lived here, you know the only way to get the shit you read about in MRR is to either mailorder it or drive to the bay. For the capitol of Cali, Sacto was really inadequate for a long time. But hey, that just makes the punks here try harder, which in turn makes them appreciate what they have more. So after getting really sick of driving to the bay to search for shit and then half of the time not being able to find it, I decided to make where I live a little better for myself and folks like me.

At the point of realizing what I needed to do, I had been booking shows for about 14-15 years. I pooled my resources and contacted a shit load of people, begging them to do consignment with me. I got a few really positive responses and started a small distro. I took that tiny little box with me to every fucking show that I played, booked, or attended. It was a small little bastard, but what was in there was utterly mind blowing. I spent the next year or so paying the consignments and getting more and more and ...okay you got it. Finally this fuckin thing had grown into a legit distro. I figured I had enough variety now to start offering my stock to the local record store. I quickly realized that I needed to call the distro something so that I could have an account with the store (I could have just used my name...duh)....so I remembered an old inside joke between a friend and I and ...BAM!!!!....F.Y.B.S. Records was born. Kinda funny, at that point it was  still ....just a distro.

Shortly after that, the band that I'm in recorded. We kicked around the idea of releasing the material as a demo, but none of us were real stoked on the idea. We asked a handful of labels, but no one had heard of us so...fuck it...we'll put it out ourselves. We decided to ask one of our favorite bands and good friends Crucial Cause if they'd be down for a split. To our surprise, they said yes. Fast forward to release date (zooooom)...record came out...got rad distro (thanks Ryan and Mitch) and sold out super fuckin fast. WHOA!!! Crazy.

I decided that I wanted to do this...this whole label thing...I have no fucking idea what I'm doing, but fuck it!!! So I ask a good friend if he wants to get involved........ he says yes........ we butt heads on direction a bit........ we decide friendship is more important.....I go back to being on my own......I ask Second Wind if he's interested...he says "FUCK YES!!" .....I'm stoked....our friend Ryno asks S.W. to "fix" the Fistifuks recording...he says "uhhhh huhhh" (I think that means yes)....Ryno says "does F.Y.B.S. want to help put out the record?"...welllll duh, we're all friends.....Ryno continues to have really good input and ideas...I finally say fuck it, "Ryno, do want to just be a partner in the label?"......"FUCK YES!!!" (he and Second Wind must be related)......fast forward (zoooom)....Here we are now, a big happy, retarded, drug damaged family hell bent on putting out some of the raddest shit that no one will buy!!! Hahahaha!!

All 3 of us are total collector dorks and proud of it. We are comitted to putting out records and cassettes by bands that we like. With that said, we don't have a particular "style" that we are going after...if we like it, and it falls under the giant umbrella that is "punk".....we will put it out. So...thank you in advance for your support, we hope you enjoy these as much as we do.


Ken Fury & F.Y.B.S. (motherfuckin) Records