"Self Titled"
12 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 011

The debut LP from Spanish Punx, Decraneo. This slab of wax drips with classic influences from The Bags and Ultimo Resrote, yest still holds its own among fellow contempraries, La Urss and Las Otras. Excellent vocals, guitar work and delivery. Punk is alive and unwell in 2014.

This is a collaboration between eight labels. Two from the USA, three from Spain, two from France and one from Germany. Only 50 copies available from FYBS Records. 500 total pressed worldwide. Get yours now!

Cassette • FYBS 010

Every time I hear this band its like the Chronicles Of Narnia except I end up in a dark, smelly, moist basement in finland in 1983. This is a five song demo by one of Northern California's tidiest purveyors of noisy punk. Perfectly balancing layers of fuzz, feedback, rolling drums, and aaaaaarrrrgghhhh filled sing-alongs with great hooks and deceptively tight arrangements. This is punk for folks who need to be taught that great noise-punk is, at it's core, the result of great songs.

"The Raptor Pope"
12 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 009 • SOLD OUT

The latest LP from this Northern California punk / hardcore band. These guys strike me as one of those bands that just play punk so hard that you can't help but call it hardcore. If you're looking for newer band comparisons, I can imagine these guys fitting on a bill really well with Bi-Marks, as both bands have an RKL-ish, “blistering metallic guitar player joins a catchy yet blistering fast punk band" kind of thing going on. This one is definitely for the punx! Raging and angry vocals barked over fast as fuck frantic punk.

12 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 008

This rager has been a long time coming! Over the years, Rat Damage has become a staple of the Sacramento, California underground punk scene and has released a couple very limited seven inch vinyl records. The vocalist and bassist run a DIY style record label together called FYBS and have not so coincidentally released this album on vinyl. The singer is also a "scene veteran" who has been bringing the best underground touring punk bands to Sacramento and the surrounding area for what seems like about twenty. And if thats not enough, the lead guitarist is always active in at least two or three other bands to boot. Did I mention they perform live about three or four times per month? Whew! These guys are fucking busy!

Now onto the insults: CURSED, their debut full length album, was recored at Lennon Studios in San Francisco by Jeff (Leppard) Davis at the end of 2011. It has a super beefy and slick sound that is not over produced and still delivers a raw, gut-wrenching punch. 11 lamentations filled with regret, desperation, hate, misery and impending doom of the soul. These songs document the day to day struggles that these veteran Sacto lifers experience in Californias Capitol City. Its like sneaking a peak at a mad mans diary (Ozzy reference?). The refreshingly simplistic lyrical approach is most often delivered in a chanting style, a single sentence repeated over and over, drilling the subject matter straight to your brain matter. The vocal style is belted out in hoarse yells of melancholy and bring up familiar sore subjects that plague most of us at one time or another, no matter where you live. This makes the band highly palatable and easy to relate with. Having a bad day? Listen to the vocalist scream his guts out about the same shit thats beating up your brain but magnified ten fold and you will be thinking, well, I guess it could be worse...I could be this guy! A myriad of influences rampage throughout, but it's difficult to pin-point who, as in which particular bands, they are drawing their inspiration. Rat Damage have an original sound, which is rare these days. Most of the time, the drums are assaulted with an up-tempo/mid pace as the guitars chug along in an old-school heavy metal style tinged with "the blues" while still capturing the spirit of classic "old tyme" California 80's punk and hardcore bands. Theres even some 70s British punk riffing invading the mix at times. Some songs start out with stoner/bluesy intros and then gallop forward with a tight, dare I say danceable groove. Others just smack you upside the dome from the get go. The only real exception is when the album's title track, CURSED gets rudely interrupted by a completely different song called PILLS that usurps with a full on D-Beat attack.

Some other things about this release that you may find interesting: The cover artwork was created by Pat Kim, ex-member of the band Unwritten Law and features some cool, collage-style art by Jeremiah (Jed) Pfeffer on the inside. SLOW SUICIDE, the album's final track, features some agonizing backing vocals by VOETSEKs Ami Lawless.

Recommended for fans of Poison Idea, Motorhead, Black Flag, DRI, Verbal Abuse, Attitude Adjustment, Venom, Circle Jerks along with creeps and scum bags from all walks of life. Tired of cookie cutter punk bands? Get this album! 

Pressing Info: 400 Black / 75 Red Smoke (with screen printed covers) / 25 Red Smoke (with screen printed glass covers).

"Self Titled"
7 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 007 • SOLD OUT

If you took Bauhaus, 45 Grave, and Christian Death, gave them even more drugs than they were presumably on, made them play just a bit "dirtier" and asked Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) to sing....the end result would be Oakland, California's ALARIC. Featuring members of Dead & Gone, The Enemies, Noothgrush, Pins Of Light, Cross Stitched Eyes and U.K. Subs. This is the band's debut release. Two tracks of total 80's style Goth-Punk-Death-Rock melancholy.

Pressing Info: One time pressing of 400 Black / 100 White • Hand-Numbered • Digital Download • Poster.

7 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 006 • SOLD OUT

Johhny Strike, Hank Rank, and the gang are doing two new ripping Crime jams on the A side, that harken back to the hey day of the band.

On the flip we have the traditional Moroccan band, Gnawa Express, collaborating with Crime to bring us the eerie “Suwani.”

Pressing Info: 400 Black (with regular cover) • 100 Blue (with blood splatter cover) • 20 Blue Special Record Release Show Version (with special packaging and extras) • 25 Test Pressings (with hand-screened alternate art covers • Hand-Numbered.

"Hatred On The Rise"
12 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 005

RF7 has soldiered on for well over two decades and not because of any delusions of that big contract being right around the corner, but because it is in their blood to play. Felix writes about what he has lived and witnessed; real despair, weakness, excess and redemption. Putting up the instrumental muscle on this release, RF7's ninth full length, is a group of veteran hardcore musicians who punish their gear like abusive parents while at the same moment keeping it all focused and in time.

Pressing Info: 200 Black / 75 Blue • 25 Blue (with alternate art cover) Hand-Numbered.

12 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 004

These "highly evolved and specialized creatures," deliver to the mass population a sonic slab of pure Northern California Punk Rock. It's hard to marginalize them, but highly recommended to those who appreciate early nineties punk (ie: Crimpshrine, Samiam, Schlong).

Semi-Evolved Simians are: ape descended life forms that consist of 6 blue eyes, 2 brown eyes, 2 receding hairlines, 2 users of bifocals, 824 bones (plus or minus), 1 bunion, 40 fingers, 2 Scorpios, 1 Cancer, 1 Aquarius, 1 bass, 1 film projectionist, 2 staph infection scars, 4 wisdom teeth, 1 activist, 2 ankle surgery scars, 1 carpenter, 18 tattoos, 2 guitars, 2 alcoholics, 3 stoners, 4 drums, 5 cymbals, 1 counselor and 1 job: to make meaningful music.

Each cover is screen printed with care by hand. DIY or fucking die, man!

Pressing Info: 200 Black / 100 Yellow • Hand-Numbered.

"Self Titled"
7 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 003 • SOLD OUT

Rat Damage are back with their self titled 7 Inch and they are pissed! The band's elements are all there: gritty vocals, heavy blues riffs and a mission to fuck you up. The energy they have is infectious to say the least. Four reject ass wipes that have played in countless other bands either full time or as "fill in" folks....including OFFICER DOWN, ANTI-BODIES, FURIOUS GEORGE, LIPLOCK, OUTGUNNED, FORMS IN FLUX & BOARD TO DEATH.

Pressing Info: 400 Black / 70 Red (with alternate art cover) / 30 Red (with uber special alternate art cover)• Hand-Numbered.

"Self Titled"
12 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 002 • SOLD OUT

9 years in the making! Northern California hardcore punk/crust. Some say they sorta sound that way. Most of the band are leftovers from the 90's East Bay scene, no one special enough to mention, except Davey. He's the lead singer of ASHTRAY. Listen and enjoy, or just hate them in silence. If your into RKL, Filth, or Dayglo Abortions, you'll dig this! (MRR hated it. But that's a good thing!) The sleeves are screen printed by hand with care. DIY or fucking die, man!

Pressing Info: 400 Black / 100 Color • Hand-Numbered.

7 Inch Vinyl • FYBS 001 • SOLD OUT

The Crucial Cause tracks are songs left over from the "Try Our Luck" recording session, so anyone who has heard that record knows what to expect here. Great thrashy hardcore with a strong NYHC feel to it.

Rat Damage have a more mid tempo approach and are rockin' in that Sick Pleasure kind of way but with gruff, throaty vocals that bring bands from the Midwest to mind. Awesome cover art by Paul Imagine.

Pressing Info: 400 Black / 100 Color • Hand-Numbered.